Kensington Parkside

Commercial industry opportunities at Kensington Parkside

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Recent commercial development at Kensington Parkside

A well earned break at Kensington Parkside

Commercial industry opportunities at Kensington Parkside

Recent commercial development at Kensington Parkside



The Kensington project is comprised of two major interrelated elements – the Kensington Parkside master planned residential community; and the Kensington Parkside commercial industry area abutting to the north. The major commercial and industry land at Kensington has been developed in the first 4 stages of the project and is now complete with high quality commercial and industrial lots for sale. This commercial part of the Kensington project covers approximately a third of the original site area.

‘Kensington Parkside’ is a great place to do business if exposure to large numbers of customers and a high standard of presentation is desired.

Kensington’s commercial and industrial stages straddle the growing activity spine of Johanna Boulevard and Commercial StreetAvenue and have seen traffic volumes grow exponentially over the last few years as the airport becomes more commercialised and the city grows. Traffic volumes and therefore customer numbers will continue to grow as Johanna Boulevard is connected to the southern bypass road and Commercial StreetAvenue increasingly fulfils its role as the major gateway to the Airport.

In addition to the commercial industry stages there is also opportunity to develop retail and commercial uses within and in close proximity to the town centre of the residential community.

There are a wide range of business opportunities from traditional industry, to bulky goods retailing, retail shopping in the town centre, professional offices, and catering and food industries; small or large enterprises are all able to be accommodated. In addition the unique Business Airpark offers freehold business and industry land with direct taxiway access to the airport.

The first release of stage 4 Commercial Industry lots and the first three business airpark lots are currently being offered for sale. Follow the link below for further information and to register your interest:

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